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Exam Proctoring Request Forms

If you are approved for exam accommodations and wish to use AEO's exam proctoring services, you must complete this exam proctoring request form at least one week before the date of your exam. It is imperative that you speak to your professors at the beginning of the semester to discuss your exam arrangements. We urge you to ask your professors if they can proctor your exams for you so that you have direct access to them in case you have questions. If your professors are unable to proctor your exam, or you require a reduced-distraction environment, AEO can proctor your exams for you.     
If you receive extended time on exams, it is important that you check your schedule before you submit your request to ensure that your exam end time will not conflict with another class. If there is a scheduling conflict that you do not know how to resolve, please contact AEO for assistance.
Please note: 
  • While we only require one week's notice for regular semester exams, we require a minimum of three weeks' notice for final exams. 
  • You will receive a confirmation letter with information regarding the time and location 1-2 days before the scheduled exam.