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Enhanced Voices for Text-to-Speech

High-quality voices can make a big difference when you're listening to long readings or entire books. Here is some information on where to find those voices. If you have a Mac computer, you'll probably just need a quick update. Infovox iVox is a program that allows you to purchase credits for enhanced voices to install on your computer. 


Enhanced Voices from Infovox iVox for Mac

Download the PDF instructions

How to load your computer with high quality text-to-speech voices (Mac):

Ivox screenshot

1. Go to: https://www.assistiveware.com/product/infovox-ivox
Scroll down to activate your quality voices and click to download Infovox Ivox:
2. Install as instructed and open program.
3. From here you can sample voices.Play samples by selecting the ‘play’ button on the left
side of the name.

sample voice screenshot

4. You can also download 30 day trials of each voice by selecting the button on
the right side.

trial voice screenshot

The voices will take a few moments to download.

loading screenshot

Once it’s finished select ‘Start Demo..’

You will be prompted to Activate Demo and it will warn you that you will need the internet to use
the demo.

confirm demo screenshot

5. In System Preferences > Dictation & Speech > Text to Speech:

ivox screenshot

Select the drop-down menu for ‘System Voice’ > Customize:

drop-down menu screenshot

Find the voice you downloaded and select the box next to it’s name and select ‘OK’.

Go back into ‘System Voice’ and select the voice you’ve just activated:

6. Make sure you have ‘Speak selected text when the key is pressed’ selected. Memorize the
‘Current key’, this is how you will toggle the text-to-speech on and off.

Now go try it out, find a selection of accessible text, highlight it and use your ‘Current key’ to
turn on text-to-speech.
Once you’ve decided on a voice that you’d like to own, you’ll need to purchase a credit and
activate the voice in Infovox ivox.
Please be in touch with AEO if this creates a financial burden for you.