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Modifications to Your Academic Program

Reduced Course Load, Foreign Language Substitutions and Other Modifications

Vassar encourages students to pursue their degree through a program of study that recognizes individual goals and supports their academic interests. Every Vassar student must fulfill an intensive freshman writing course, the quantitative course requirement, the foreign language requirement, and requirements for the declared major.  Vassar College does not waive requirements because degree requirements and departmental requirements are implemented for sound pedagogic and academic reasons. 

Students in need of modifications to their academic program, such as taking a reduced course load or petitioning for a substitution of the foreign language requirement, may petition the Committee on Leaves and Privileges, in consultation with the Office for Accessibility and Educational Opportunity (AEO).  Please contact us if you have concerns about Vassar's academic program requirements.  Petitions for course substitutions must be made well in advance.

Committee on Leaves and Privileges Request for Foreign Language Substitution Requirements